Set Up Instructions

  1. Connect to your Wi-Fi Network
    "Settings > WiFi"

  2. Set "Settings > Display > Sleep" as "Never"
    If yours doesn't have this option use a 3rd party app like Stay Alive.

  3. Login to "Play Store" and download latest "Google Chrome" browser
    And if you are prompted set "Chrome" as your default browser.

  4. Remove or disable all unnecessary apps
    Go to "Settings > Apps" and remove or disable any apps (social media, music, news etc.) you won't use. This will improve performance of the device.

  5. Add to your home screen
    Open Chrome browser, go to You'll be prompted to add it to your home screen. (You might have to refresh the page to get the prompt.)

  6. Run SmartAzanClock app
    Tap the SmartAzanClock icon on your home screen.

  7. Enable Azan Calls on this device
    Check this option on Azan Settings page.

  8. Add SmartAzanClock app to your smartphone
    At this point you can go to on any smartphone or computer that's on the same WiFi connection with the SmartAzanClock device and update your settings. (Settings you update on your phone or computer (location, azans, alarms) is copied over to your SmartAzanClock automatically.)

    We recommend adding to your smartphone home screen and using that to update your settings. Go to using your OS default browser (Chrome on Android phones, Safari on iPhones) and add it to your home screen using the option under the menu.

Alhamdulillah & Shukranlillah!

Your Smart Azan Clock is ready.