Set Up Instructions

  1. Update "Settings > Device > Home" as "Launcher3"
    This will restore original Android home screen on the device.

  2. Connect to your Wi-Fi Network
    "Settings > WiFi"

  3. Set "Settings > Display > Sleep" as "Never"

  4. Login to "Play Store" with your Google Account and download latest "Google Chrome" browser
    While download is in progress you can continue with the next step.

  5. Disable all unnecessary apps
    This will take some time but it's a very important step to improve the performance of the device. Go to "Settings > Apps" and disable following apps: 1Weather, Accuweather, Amazon Shopping, Azpen eReader, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Crackle, Email, Excel, Facebook, Games, Hulu, iHeartRadio, InstaRetro, Maxthon Browser, Musixmatch, Netflix, NewsRepublic, Pandora, PowerPoint, Shazam, SoundRecorder, Word and YouTube.

  6. Back to "Play Store" to update remaining apps
    Select "My apps & games" from the top-left drawer menu. And click on "Update All" under "Updates" tab.

  7. Add to your home screen
    Open Chrome browser and go to You'll be prompted to add it to your home screen. (You might have to wait for a few seconds or refresh the page to get the prompt.)

  8. Remove your Google Account from the device
    Settings > Accouts > Google (Top-right menu and select "Remove account")

  9. Run SmartAzanClock app
    Tap the SmartAzanClock icon on your home screen.
You can now go to on any smartphone or computer that's on the same WiFi network and update your Smart Azan Clock settings (location, azans & alarms).

You can also add as an app to your smartphone home screen using your OS default browser; Chrome on Android phones, Safari on iPhones.

Alhamdulillah wa Shukrulillah!

Your Smart Azan Clock is ready.