As-salamu alaykum, is a progressive web application that can run on various platforms. You can think of it as an "app" that installs itself once you add it to your home screen. After you set it up on a device of your choice you can manage it using your smart phone or computer while you're on the same network. No registration, sign-up or login is required!

For it's simplicity & elegance our current preferred device is Raspberry Pi (RPi) but if in the future some better hardware or IOT platform comes along we'll be able to switch very easily as SmartAzanClock is more about "software" than "hardware".

Accurate Times

Smart Azan Clock calculates prayer times based on your exact location using library. It uses Google APIs to determine your coordinates & altitude.


You can set alarms for fixed times everyday. Wake up for work, all school bell alarms for your home school!

Nafl Alarms

These are alarms based on prayer times. For example 60 minutes before Fajr for Sahoor or 15 minutes after Sunrise for Salatul Ishraq.

Audio Library

Listen to high quality audios of Qur'an Recitations, Duas any time you like with a simple touch on your mobile phone.

How to get your Smart Azan Clock

There's 2 options.

Option 1: DIY

Do It Yourself!

Build your own Smart Azan Clock from scratch. This option requires some technical knowledge.

DIY Instructions
Option 2: Buy a Ready RPi Kit

$79 (Free Shipping within the US)

This is the easiest way to get your Smart Azan Clock. Kit includes; Raspberry Pi 3 Board + Case + Power supply + 16GB Pre-configured Micro SD Card. Payments will be processed via PayPal. You can return it for a full refund within the first month.

Different Ways to Setup Your Smart Azan Clock

RPi + Speakers

RPi uses a standard 3.5mm AUX Audio Jack.

You can use wired or bluetooth speakers.

Wired speakers require no setup.

Bluetooth speakers require a one-time setup to pair speakers with the RPi device.

RPi + Alarm Clock

This method turns your old alarm clock into a Smart Azan Clock.

You can use any alarm clock as long as it has an AUX input line.

RPi + Large Display

Ideal for Mosques and Schools.

Any monitor with an HDMI port can be used.

Android Tablet Fridge Azan Clock

To turn your Android Tablet into a Smart Azan Clock download an app to keep your monitor always on then add to your homescreen and run.

You can get one of these and mount the tablet on a wall or your fridge!

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